Canning Jars for Everyday Food Storage (Like Cereal)

I originally bought these canning jars to store my Rip’s Big Bowl Cereal, because I make up a week’s worth or more at a time. Glass is BPA-free, obviously, so I thought this was a better choice for storage than using plastic for everything. I searched for airtight and inexpensive glass containers, and found these jars on Amazon.

Then, as I started opening things like canned olives, or splitting huge jars of food with my mom and friends, I really started liking these jars in the fridge. However, there is a downside. All the jars look the same, so you have to get away from the branding that’s been put in your head by product marketing teams over the years, and really start to look at your food to identify it.

Before you fill the containers, it’s best to go ahead and label the jar and either the date you opened the product, or its expiration date, with a sharpie on the lid or the glass itself. (Removing Sharpie ink is easy with acetone nail polish remover or a Magic Eraser.)


One thought on “Canning Jars for Everyday Food Storage (Like Cereal)

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