How to Chop Basil Leaves

You don’t have to go to culinary school, or be born a chick to learn how to cut up basil properly. Dude, basil is straight bangin’ on top of a pizza or on top of tomatoes and fresh mozzerella (if you are doing dairy). So next time you’re trying to show your new dad skills to your kids, AND show how you can make plain pizza or pasta healthy and yummy, add some fresh chopped basil!

Stack all the leaves on top of each other. Don’t go more than about an inch high.

Make sure they’re all in the same direction, one on top of the other.

Roll the stack tightly from side to side. (If this were kale or another leaf with a hard stem, roll it from tip to stem so you can remove the center when you get there while you’re slicing.)

Pinch the roll together with your fingers, and move your fingers down the leaf as you cut.

The leaves will be chopped in ribbons, also known by a really fancy word called “chiffonade”.


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